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Broward County, Division #2
Fireman William J. Elliott
Charter Year 2012

5 December 2011 Broward County, Fl.-

Following the diligent and tireless efforts of Florida State Organizer John Pesce, the second Broward County, Fl AOH Division was realized.

"John never gave up. It took several meetings to get them (applicants) all together but he did it", said State President Greg Séan Canning who traveled some 250miles along with the entire State Board to attend the Formation of the Division and Installation of the Charter Officers.

The Field Irish Pub in Dania Beach (South Florida) was the site of the proceedings. The applicants were gathered and addressed by members of the State Board. Each Board Member talked about Hibernian History, the AOH service to the Catholic Church and Ireland, our State and National Objectives along with their years in the AOH and the responsibilities of each potential office.

Following the completion of the required formation paperwork, State President Canning gave the applicants their oath. The State Officers then left the group for a period, in the hands of Organizer Pesce to learn more about each other and discuss the talents each hold and their ability to meet the responsibilities of office.

Emerging from deliberations the Division announced their Charter Officers to the State;
President - John A. Boyle, former 30yr Nassau County, NY, AOH  Div #14 Member and Major Degree holder. 
Vice-President - Bob Welch, a Fireman and Pipe Major of the Black Pearl Pipes and Drums of Broward County
Recording Sec'y - Kevin Leahy, 3rd year law student at the Barry University, a Catholic University in Miami.  
Financial Sec'y -Mike Nugent, Fireman, Black Pearl Pipes and Drums of Broward County.
Treasurer - Brendan Quilter, Fireman, Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue, VP, Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (FOOLS).
Chairman of Standing Committee - to be determined
Marshall - to be determined 
Sentinel - to be determined

The Charter Officers were then formed as described in the AOH Ritual and Tradition. State VP Rukosky asked those formed to reflect on their undertaking, the importance of it, the 300+ years of tradition and the footsteps they would follow. With their new Division Brothers around them the Officers were then installed by Pres. Canning.

 This was the first such duty the State Board performed since taking office October 29th. Rec. Secretary Delaney and Treasurer Konecny echoed the same sentiment, "With Grace and work, this will be the first of many new Florida Divisions." All four State Officers hail from the Brevard County, Fulton J. Sheen Div #2.

 Following the installation the meeting was adjourned and the group celebrated "as would be expected." 

Congratulations Charter Officers and Members of Broward County #2
We are Proud to Call you Brothers.
Your Florida State Board
"Leading by Example"


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